Welcome News about the Proposed Private Club at Haddon Hall

On January 5, 2018, we were informed that the lawyer for the owner of Haddon Hall sent a letter to the Zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA) withdrawing its application to convert Haddon Hall to a private, for-profit club. The application was to have been heard by the ZBA on Tuesday, January 9th.

We would like to thank all of you who have expressed your opposition to this club at this location since we first became aware of the application in August 2017, through thoughtful letters and suggestions, as well as your presence at the earlier ZBA hearing on October 31st when the developer requested and received a second hearing deferral. Without your involvement, together with the efforts of a group of abutters with whom NABB cooperated in their effective campaign against this application on multiple fronts (letters, social media, public relations, contacts with elected officials), the outcome likely would have been very different. We also would also like to acknowledge the initiatives and personal efforts of State Representative Jay Livingstone and Boston City Councilor Josh Zakim, who played constructive roles in mediating discussions with the developer to reach a satisfactory resolution of this matter.

Your responses to the issues raised by the proposed club at Haddon Hall have demonstrated the commitment and vigilance of residents in the Back Bay regarding the quality of residential life and the preservation of the special character of this urban neighborhood. NABB thanks you all again, and wishes you the very best for 2018.

Haddon Hall