Florence – History and Cuisine


NABB Special Events Presents: A History and Culinary Virtual Evening:
Florence and the Glorious Renaissance of Catherine de Medici

Photo Credit Lauren A Birmingham

Please join NABB Special Events on Wed. Jan 20th at 7:00 for an hour-long special virtual evening walking in the footsteps of Catherine de Medici and celebrating the glorious Florentine Renaissance – an explosion of food and art! Our speaker is Lauren Birmingham Piscitelli, owner of Cooking Vacations in Italy and Birmingham Public Relations. The evening will feature the best of Florence’s food and art in a one-of-a-kind cooking and cultural experience.

We will join Lauren on a  tour through Florence and discover the roots of this city which started in the glorious Renaissance era, when Italy was blossoming with new ideas. Catherine de Medici was marrying King Henry II and introducing her Italian cooking style, chefs, and ingredients to the French Court. We will even create one of Catherine’s favorite Renaissance biscotti and discuss some of Florence’s Renaissance treasures. While we sip and swirl, we will be baking too! Baking ingredients are flour, sugar, red wine, canola oil, and baking powder. Tie on your apron for an informal discussion on Catherine de Medici, while learning a simple Renaissance recipe.

There is no charge for this event. If you would like to attend please RSVP to specialevents@nabbonline.org.

Hope to see you there!