Connecting Remotely

Virtual Meeting Apps

The internet has many ways to connect virtually with friends, families, and co-workers from home. Zoom has commanded the most attention in the press, but there are several options:


Please exercise good security practices for remote gatherings (e.g. insist on meeting passwords); there has been a recent uptick in the volume of “Zoom-bombings” (see this article in Back Bay Patch).

Online Gaming & Virtual Gatherings

Online games like Fortnite and Minecraft are popular ways to socialize for the GenZ crowd, but for the slightly older of us, we too have options for socializing while social distancing:

Read to your grandkids remotely using this family video-calling app that integrates children’s books and other activities.
Watch Netflix content online with your friends. Includes chat so you can carry on a group conversation while sharing in the viewing.
Charades, Pictionary and other similar games, but online.
Traditional board games (chess, Monopoly, etc.) but online.
Virtual dinner parties
A how-to from Delish.

This is clearly a very short list. If you have more ideas, please feel free to send them to and we’ll endeavor to add them to the list.