Traffic & Transportation

NABB’s Transportation Committee gets involved in the many types of transportation-related issues that face our neighborhood. We have worked on improvements in the resident parking program and tried to make sure that this limited resource is used in the most effective way possible. We have also been responsive to suggestions from NABB members about potential ways in which changes in traffic patterns can help improve residential life in the Back Bay. Going forward, it is likely we’ll have more involvement in bicycle-related issues. As always, we will try to keep the city and state convinced of the importance of our pedestrian experience.

In addition, the Transportation Committee gets involved in transportation-related issues raised by major development projects in and near the Back Bay. We help to develop NABB’s responses to these proposals. In this, we work closely with the Development Committee and other NABB committees. Because our work is so closely connected, the Development and Transportation Committees meet jointly.

Development and Transportation