Homelessness Task Force

The objectives of the NABB Homelessness Task Force (HTF) are to build awareness about homelessness and to advocate for effective treatment and prevention services for the homeless. 


Homelessness in Boston Fact Sheet
City of Boston 39th Annual Homeless Census

Information, Ways to Help, Resources to Learn More
Fast Fact:  The Permanent Supportive Housing Model
Fast Fact:  Domestic Violence and Homelessness
Fast Fact:  Homeless Veterans
Fast Fact:  Homelessness is a dangerous health condition
Fast Fact:  Food Insecurity during the Pandemic
Fast Fact:  Foster Care and Homelessness
Fast Fact:  The Women’s Lunch Place
Fast Fact:  Boston’s Challenge in a Pandemic

Past Pre-Covid Events
Homelessness in Boston Forum, Boston Public Library, Jun 17, 2019
          Agenda and Speakers
          Boston Sun, June 2019:  Homeless officials urge community to “be a partner” at NABB forum

Women’s Lunch Place and NABB Homelessness Task Force join forces at fundraiser, Nov 13, 2019
         Boston Sun, Nov 2019:  Braving the cold in support of Womens Lunch Place

Permanent Supportive Housing:  LEARN MORE!

Recently in the News
The Preventive Effects of Housing First on Health Care Utilization and Costs Among Chronically Homeless Individuals
The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation looked at MassHealth claims between 2004 and 2017 of almost 700 people placed in permanent supportive housing. That data was compared to a control group of the same number of people who were still experiencing homelessness and had similar demographic and medical characteristics as the “treatment” cohort. Expenditures by MassHealth, the Medicaid program administered by the state, were 17% lower for people in the first year they were housed ($25,614 per patient on average) than for the control group living in shelters and on the streets ($30,881), according to the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation report.

Resources for More Information

  1. Local Services Supporting the Homeless in Boston and Massachusetts
  2. Organizations Advocating for the Homeless Population
  3. Answers to Some Questions and Ways to Learn More
    a.  What Causes Homelessness?
    b.  What is the ‘Housing First’ Approach?
    c.  The Growing Challenge of Family Homelessness.  A very detailed but readable summary prepared by Westat (consultants) for The Boston Foundation, 2017
    d.  Basic Facts on Homelessness and Housing in Massachusetts
    e.  Evictions in Boston:  The Disproportionate Effects of Forced Moves on Communities of Color. A report by City Life/Vida Urbana and MIT, 2020.  This report provides rigorous research, systematically analyzing who faces evictions in Boston.
  4. Essential Reading:  A book list that will educate and inspire.