Homelessness Task Force

To maintain the residential quality of life in Back Bay through monitoring and mitigating the impact of homelessness in our community by providing information to residents on the complexity of the homelessness issue and available treatment and related safety services; maintaining liaison with public officials and advocating for effective public policies for treatment and prevention of homelessness and for safety of residents; and raising the visibility and support for effective services to reduce the impact of homelessness in our community.

More information:
Homelessness in Boston Fact Sheet
City of Boston 39th Annual Homeless Census

Information, Ways to Help, Resources to Learn More
Fast Fact:  Healthcare for the Homeless

Past Events
Homelessness in Boston Forum, Boston Public Library, Jun 17, 2019
          Agenda and Speakers
          Boston Sun, June 2019:  Homeless officials urge community to “be a partner” at NABB forum

Women’s Lunch Place and NABB Homelessness Task Force join forces at fundraiser, Nov 13, 2019
         Boston Sun, Nov 2019:  Braving the cold in support of Womens Lunch Place