Green Committee Resource Guide

Local/State/Regional Organizations:

 Back Bay Green ( “Making our community a greener place.“ A grass roots advocacy group, Back Bay Green shares a common vision with other partners who are members of the Boston Clean Energy Coalition working on transition to a clean, green economy. We focus on halting expansion of fracked gas and other fossil fuel infrastructure while promoting net-zero carbon standards for built environment. We work actively with the City of Boston, Back Bay residents, businesses, building managers; and with other environmental groups to help transition from an economy based on fossil fuels towards a new economy that creates green jobs, and promotes environmental justice,,and sustainable, resilient development prepared for climate change.

  Boston Climate Action Network ( Part of MA Climate Action Network.

  The Boston Harbor Association ( Works with waterfront businesses, residents, public agencies to enhance economic, recreational, and scenic value of waterfront while protecting the city from extreme weather events.

  Boston Mayor’s Urban Agriculture Group (contact

  Boston Recycling & Trash Directory (


 Charles River Watershed Association ( Protecting the health, beauty, and accessibility of the Charles River. Scientific and Policy Projects include: water quality monitoring, stormwater management and regulations, fishery (e.g. shad restoration program).

 Conservation Law Foundation ( “For a thriving New England”. Advocates for clean energy and climate change, ocean conservation, clean water, healthy forests, healthy communities using law and science.

 Science-based solutions to face global warming, reduce threat of nuclear weapons, generate clean and renewable energy, produce fuel efficient cars and more. Elders Climate Action (

 Department of Environment, Energy and Open Space, City of Boston and Greenovate Boston (

 Environmental Entrepreneurs ( “Business Voice for the Environment,” is a national community of business leaders and  professionals committed to protecting the environment while bulding economic properity.  The New England Region Chapter of E2 brings together entrepreneurs, policy makers, and scientists to foster collaborations among the environmental, business, and public policy communities. E2 encourages smart growth, laws that address global warming, new ocean resource policies, and advocates for clean technologies and energy policies at local, state, and national levels. E2 is part of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) (

 Environmental League of Massachusetts (ELM) ( Over 60 environmental organizations. Massachusetts Environmental Collaborative.

 “Greening NYC’s Historic Buildings:  Green Rowhouse Manual” ( Free digital download of 84-page manual to help owners of historic rowhouses in NYC and elsewhere improve the appearance and energy performance of their buildings and help fight climate change.  Practical low/no cost opportunities as well as moderate/higher cost suggestions for walls & roofs; windows & doors; heating & cooling; lighting & electrical; plumbing & water efficiency; appliances & plug loads; indoor health, housekeeping & materials; sustainable landscape & outdoor amenities; fuel efficiency & renewable energy.  Published by the Municipal Art Society of New York in 2012.

 GreenovateBoston ( GreenovateBoston is a community-driven movement to get all Bostonians involved in reducing the city’s greenhouse gas emissions 25% by 2020 and 80% by 2050 as outlined in Boston’s Climate Action Plan. The goal is to ensure a greener, healthier and more prosperous future for the city.

 Local Colleges/Universities have useful tips for greening your life. For example, Harvard (; Boston University (; Northeastern (; The Boston Architectural College ( offers courses including Historic Preservation and Sustainable Design, Sustainable Community Planning, and Sustainable Building Design & Construction.

 MassRecycle ( Statewide coalition of individuals, governments, businesses, institutions, and non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting benefits of  reducing, reusing, and recycling.

 Mass SAVE ( Sponsored by Massachusetts’ gas and electric utilities and energy efficiency service providers (e.g. NSTAR, National Grid). Works with MA Department of Energy Resources to provide a wide range of services, incentives, trainings, and information promoting energy efficiency that help residents and businesses manage energy use and related costs.”  Renew Boston offers no-cost energy assessment ( to help residents save energy and money (617-625 -7283). As part of the free energy audits, all of your old light bulbs will be switched out with free CFLs and LEDs, a free programmable thermostat, and a free smart power strip to stop “vampire” power leakage when electronics are in standby mode or turned off.

 New England Ocean Action Network ( Goal: Build a sustainable future for New Englands’s ocean, coasts, and the communities that depend on them. Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance ( engages our local fishing community in building lasting solutions to protect our ecosystem and the future of our fishing businesses. “We are taking action now to make sure there will be future generations of fish and fishermen.”

 Preserve Products Recycling ( Local company has national “GIMME 5” program to remanufacture used #5 plastics (yogurt cups, Brita filters) into beautiful preserve tableware, kitchen containers, toothbrushes) available online and locally at grocery stores such as Whole Foods, Shaw’s Trader Joe’s.  Drop off locations for used #5 plastics are at nearby Whole Food stores only.

 “Renewable Now – The Green Side of Business” (co-hosted by Jack Gregg, NABB Director and Green Committee member) is an online website, blog/pod cast, radio and TV program about green products, services, events, entrepreneurs, and research in New England and the Nation. Listen every Wednesday of the month on Radio WARL AM 1320 from Attleboro, MA (1 to 2 pm). ( Global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis with local Boston events and advocacy actions.

National/International Organizations
Many have local/state chapters

 Center for Climate and Energy Solutions – C2ES ( Arlington, VA.

 Earth Justice ( “Because the Earth needs a good lawyer.” Defends and strengthens national standards for clear air and clean water, works to stop mountaintop removal mining, promoting sustaihable fisheries, improving energy efficiency standards, and reducing toxic mercury  admissions

  Earth Policy Institute ( Washington, DC.

 GreenAmerica ( Founded in 1982. “National nonprofit consumer organization promoting environmental sustainability, social justice, and economic justice through the marketplace.”  Publishes annual “Green Pages” and excellent online newsletter with helpful tips for using economic strategies to create a socially just, environmentally sustainable society.

 Green Business News ( News, resources and events on green and sustainability subjects around the world.

 Greenpeace USA with local chapters ( Non-governmental environmental protection and conservation organization that uses peaceful direct action and creative communication to expose global environmental risks and protect oceans, whales, and seafood and protect global forests; stop global warming; and eliminate toxic chemicals.

 League of Conservation Voters ( National non-profit organization that works to turn environmental values into national priorities. Focus on US Congress: information on proposed legislation and voting records on environmental issues.

 Living on Earth: Public Radio’s Environmental News Magazine (

 Natural Resources Defense Council ( New York, NY. “The mission of NRDC is to safeguard the Earth: Its people, its plants and animals and the natural systems on which all life depends.” NRDC’s newsletter “Nature’s Voice” ( reaches 1.4 million members and online activists of NRDC. New England Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) is a part of NRDC.

 Nature Conservancy ( Boston office 617-227-7017. Protects Earth’s  natural resources and beauty. “Protecting nature, Preserving Life. Mission: Conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. Works in more than 35 countries, all 50 states, and your backyard.” MA chapter (

 Rainforest Action Network (RAN) ( Environmental advocacy, San Francisco, CA.

 Recycling Information Sites:  Recycling reduces pollution, saves energy, and reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2 important ways: recycling keeps materials out of landfills and reduces the need for using virgin resources for product production (

Electronic waste recycling by e-Stewards Certified recyclers. E-waste contains valuable materials for remanufacturing (e.g. gold, copper, and other precious metal). Toxic materials in some e-waste pose risks to people and the environment. Metech Recycling, the local branch of national recycler, is located in Worcester, MA.  In addition to electronic waste they take “anything that plugs into the wall or has a circuit board” such as toasters, radios, microwaves). Over 95% of all materials (plastics, glass, metals) are fully recycled for remanufacture in their green jobs factory. No recycled materials are incinerated, land-filled, or shipped abroad illegally to be dumped as hazardous waste ( Metech schedules collection events from offices, high rise buildings, neighborhoods, schools, etc. (866-479-4920).

Walgreens offers a Safe Medication Disposal Program through the US Postal Service (prescription mail back. TakeAway Environmental return system ( or (  Purchase a specially designed, home use, postage-paid envelope at any Walgreens pharmacy counter for $3.99. In addition, the Boston police offer a safe way to dispose of unused medications at drug disposal kiosks located at several police district stations (drop off 24/7). See hazardous waste at (


 Sierra Club (local chapters) (

 Sustainability City Network (SCN) ( SCN is a business-to-government media and publishing operation based in Dubuque, Iowa, that provides municipal professionals with quality and timely information on sustainability products, services and best practices. The web site’s primary audiences are city and county government professionals and elected officials, as well as academicians, business leaders and certain federal officials who play important roles in supporting sustainability. SCN online content and collaboration tools create a community and marketplace where municipal professionals interact with colleagues and vendors.

 Take Action to Stop Line 3 

 Union of Concerned Scientists ( “Citizens and Scientists for Environmental Solutions..” Help advance science-based solutions to curb global warming, reduce threat of nuclear weapons, generate clean and renewable energy, produce fuel efficient cars and more.

 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (

 U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). National Clean Cities Programs Ma State Clean Cities Coordinator,

 World Wildlife Fund (

Electric Vehicles Sites:

 Plug in America ( Electric vehicle advocacy group.
 EV World ( Magazine and online newsletter providing human face to sustainable transportation with a focus on people, policy, and technology.

 54 Great Sources for Climate Changes News (