About The Green Committee

The Committee is both resource and facilitator to promote:

  • the efficient use of energy and natural resources
  • the preservation and enhancement of the planted portions of our neighborhood
  • the overall protection of our environment

The Committee:

  • provides information about the causes of climate change and about specific actions that individuals can take to conserve energy and natural resources
  • works with Back Bay’s condominium associations, institutions, and other building owners to help them understand the need for and to implement energy and resource conservation measures, including any and all aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions
  • provides recommendations to the NABB Executive Committee on environmental issues, including…
    • preparing position papers and testimony for NABB
    • providing recommendations as to specific programs NABB should undertake or support to promote energy and natural resource conservation
  • works with other NABB committees and other Back Bay organizations whose activities may impact energy or resource conservation or the promotion of a green environment to ensure that NABB’s actions in this area are undertaken in a coordinated manner.

To see the Green Committee Resource Guide, click here.