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An Opportunity 

Climate Action is the opportunity of a lifetime.  As individuals and together, for the health of our planet and all life on earth, we must each work to reduce our carbon footprint, right now–as much as we can and in whatever way we can. Every reduction, however large or small, counts toward the total effort that will be required to spare us the worst unthinkable outcomes of relentless Global Warming.
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School strike for climate


Quote of the Week: “Since our leaders are behaving like children, we will have to take the responsibility they should have taken long ago.”— Greta Thunberg







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April 8, 2021

Speaking of Climate Change…

Did you know?

The Green Committee has established a Neighbor to Neighbor Information Hub to connect neighbors who have done energy audits, weatherizing projects, or installed heat pumps, etc. with other neighbors who would like to learn from those experiences.

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Breaking News: 

Climate Action Seminar Series

How to Get on the Path to a Just and Healthy Clean-Energy Future

The Green Committee is delighted to announce a series of nine Zoom seminars over an  eighteen month period, each available free of charge and each addressing how climate change affects our lives and what we can do to address those challenges. 

Massachusetts Climate Policy

Massachusetts State House

Massachusetts leads the way with the Next Generation Roadmap to 2030 legislation. Here’s a link to learn more.