Green Committee

Take the 2019 GREEN ACTION CHALLENGE NOW and Test your energy Savvy!!

Did you know that, without changing your current Eversource or National Grid utility service, you can put more renewables in the system by joining your neighbors with a renewable energy supplier that uses local wind, and solar power? For a few extra tax-deductible dollars a month, you can help to replace the need for dirty, unhealthy fossil fuel and make yourself feel green.

That’s just one of many ways you will learn about how you can make your life GREENER when you complete the Green Committee’s GREEN ACTION CHALLENGE for Earth Week 2019.  Click on the words “Make the Switch” below the “Make the Switch” logo to be taken to the form.


Complete the GREEN ACTION CHALLENGE online and find out how to make some GREEN improvements in your life before Earth Week 2019 rolls around. You might win a gift card to a Back Bay hotel, restaurant, or another exciting prize!! The deadline is (naturally) Earth Day, April 22, 2019. NABB is aiming for 100 pledges completed; 250 would be impressive, & 500 responses would be over the top.

The mission of the NABB Green Committee is to provide information and assistance to neighborhood residents, businesses, and other organizations in the Back Bay to help them minimize their contributions to climate change through energy and excellent resource conservation.

Occasionally the Green Committee will post links to other web pages that contain useful and interesting information on green issues, such as the website of the Back Bay Green Initiative.  The posting of these links does not constitute an endorsement of the views of a particular website but is done in an effort to connect interested viewers with information that may be related to the content on this page.

in around 300 words or less, about what you have done—big or small– to make a difference in the greening of our city and world. EVERY contribution counts; every story should be told. Send your story to NABB at 160 Commonwealth Avenue, #L8, Boston, MA 02116-2749, or via email to, to the attention of the Green Committee.  To read other people’s stories and find out how we are making a difference one person at a time, click here.

The Committee is both resource and facilitator to promote:

  • the efficient use of energy and natural resources
  • the preservation and enhancement of the planted portions of our neighborhood
  • the overall protection of our environment

The Committee:

  • provides information about the causes of climate change and about specific actions that individuals can take to conserve energy and natural resources
  • works with Back Bay’s condominium associations, institutions, and other building owners to help them understand the need for and to implement energy and resource conservation measures, including any and all aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions
  • provides recommendations to the NABB Executive Committee on environmental issues, including…
    • preparing position papers and testimony for NABB
    • providing recommendations as to specific programs NABB should undertake or support to promote energy and natural resource conservation
  • works with other NABB committees and other Back Bay organizations whose activities may impact energy or resource conservation or the promotion of a green environment to ensure that NABB’s actions in this area are undertaken in a coordinated manner.

To see the Green Committee Resource Guide, click here.