Security Devices

In the Back Bay, graffiti vandals gain access to upper stories and rooftops using fire escapes.  To solve this problem, the Graffiti NABBers recommend installation of security devices.

BBAC-Approved Security Devices

In May 2011, the Back Bay Architectural Commission (BBAC) approved installation of the following types of security devices to deter access to upper stories and rooftops.  Specific examples were approved based on their suitability for the historic district.  To see photos of the approved security devices, click here.

  1. Stationary fire escape alarms
  2. Moveable fire escape alarms
  3. “No Trespassing” signs
  4. Security cameras
  5. Motion-sensitive lights & floodlights
  6. Security cages
  7. Rooftop fences
  8. Vines

BBAC Approval Procedure

The Graffiti NABBers sought approval of specific security devices to streamline the process for future applicants.  Instead of requiring a formal application before the BBAC, William Young agreed to meet with property owners onsite to approve new installations.  To request onsite approval before installation, send an email to: