Graffiti Busters

City of Boston’s “Wipe It Clean” Program

The Graffiti Busters remove graffiti from the first story of buildings at the city’s expense.

Graffiti Reporting Process

Report large-scale graffiti vandalism on buildings to the City of Boston for removal by the Graffiti Busters.

  1. Use the website or the free BOS:311 app for the iPhone or Android.
  2. On the website, the instructions for reporting graffiti appear here:
  3. Complete the City of Boston’s “Removal of Graffiti Agreement and Release of Liability”. The property owner, condominium trustee, or property manager must sign the form. The location where the deed is registered is not necessary. On the website, the form you must complete and submit appears here:

Graffiti Removal Process

Although the precise timing of the Graffiti Busters’ arrival is difficult to pinpoint, the graffiti removal process is relatively fast and very effective. For more information on when the Graffiti Busters will arrive, send an email to Ken Ryan at

  1. Vehicles that block access must be removed.
  2. Graffiti Busters spread a biodegradable solvent over the graffiti.
  3. Workers power wash the surface.
  4. Graffiti magically disappears!

Photo credit: Anne Swanson