Do-It-Yourself Graffiti Removal

Do It Yourself

The Graffiti NABBers urge residents to solve graffiti problems yourselves.

Report Big Problems

  1. Call 911 immediately to report a big significant new tag to the Boston Police. This creates a police record that becomes critical in prosecuting the court case when the vandal is arrested. Photograph the tag for your records, including location, date, and time, and remove the graffiti as soon as possible.
  2. Request removal of a large tag on the first story of a brick or stone building by the City of Boston’s Graffiti Busters. Click here to go to the Graffiti Busters page for instructions.

Solve Small Problems

  1. Remove graffiti using Goof Off or Goof Off Graffiti Remover, or paint over graffiti using matching spray paint.
  2. Use razor-blade scrapers and Goof Off to remove stickers.
  3. Take care not to damage the surface of street signs by spraying the solvent on a paper towel and carefully wiping the affected area.
  4. Remove expired signage, tape, string, plastic cord, gum, and other litter.

Photo credit: Marco Baldassarre