Atlantic Power Cleaning

Atlantic Power Cleaning (APC) removes graffiti from upper stories and rooftops at the owners’ expense.

Partnership with APC

The Graffiti NABBers are working with Atlantic Power Cleaning (APC), a small privately owned company based in Woburn, Massachusetts.  APC has an excellent reputation and extensive experience cleaning historic properties in the Back Bay.  Here is a link to the APC website:

Procedure for Graffiti Removal

APC Business Coordinator Sean Coakley is handling graffiti removal for the Back Bay.  This is the procedure we recommend:

  1. Send Sean an email stating the street address in the subject line, with a photo of the graffiti attached.  Sean’s email address is
  2. Sean may need access to the roof to see the full extent of the graffiti and to provide an estimate.
  3. Approve the estimate, and Sean will schedule the graffiti removal.
  4. We prefer that graffiti be removed to restore the original appearance of historic buildings; however, the Back Bay Architectural Commission has approved paint-overs in locations where graffiti already has been painted over many times.  Please try to match the color of the original façade.  Johnson Paint Company at 355 Newbury Street can match any color based on a color sample a few inches square.