Graffiti NABBers

The Graffiti NABBers work in partnership with property owners, city agencies, private companies, local police, court prosecutors, and community newspapers to combat graffiti vandalism in the Back Bay Historic District through a three-part initiative:

Cleaning Historic Buildings

The Graffiti NABBers facilitate cleaning of historic buildings by coordinating a graffiti removal program.

  • The Graffiti Busters clean lower stories of buildings at the city’s expense. The Graffiti NABBers obtain permission from property owners and organize cleaning of large areas.
  • Atlantic Power Cleaning cleans upper stories and rooftops at the owners’ expense.

Graffiti Vandalism Court Cases

The Graffiti NABBers support the Boston Police and the prosecution in court.

  • Committee members compile notebooks of photos and statements as evidence.
  • Victims and concerned citizens speak in defense of the neighborhood.

Hands-on Graffiti and Sticker Removal

The Graffiti NABBers remove graffiti and stickers by hand from public fixtures. We urge volunteers to adopt an area for ongoing maintenance!

          Logo credit: Adams Design