Development & Transportation

The mission of the Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay (NABB), as defined in its Articles of Organization, is “To combat community deterioration in the Back Bay; to preserve and protect the architectural beauty of the Back Bay; and to further the residential character of the Back Bay.” The Development & Transportation Committee (DTC) seeks to enhance the character and livability of the Back Bay by protecting the physical fabric of the historic neighborhood as future development occurs, and by maintaining a healthy balance in the unique mix of residential, commercial, cultural, and institutional uses that enrich Back Bay residential life.

NABB’s DTC has completed an analysis and list of recommendations regarding the long-range need for balanced commercial development in the Back Bay.  For a complete overview of Principles and Guidelines for Future Development of the Back Bay click here. First published in September of 1999, we issued the Third Printing in September of 2015.

The goals of the committee are to:

  • Encourage the City of Boston to adopt a master plan, or set of strategies, for the neighborhood, in order to ensure development that is in harmony with the goal of enhancing the quality of residential life in the Back Bay.
  • Monitor both public and private development projects that affect the neighborhood, considering both their individual and cumulative effects.
  • Work cooperatively with the City and the Commonwealth, and with other neighborhoods and business, institutional, and cultural groups, in order to participate effectively in all stages of planning and design review.

Development projects are subject to a complex review process, often taking years. For a summary of that process, a list and description of the various city and state entities involved in that process, as well as definitions of relevant terms, civic programs, and regulations, click here. Some familiarity with these (and especially their acronyms) is vital to understanding the apparent jargon heard in DTC meetings. Article 80 Basics.

To read or download the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s publication, entitled A Civic Vision for Turnpike Air Rights in Boston (June 2000), click here.