Commonwealth Avenue Mall

Photo: © 2008 Penny Cherubino, all rights reserved

The Commonwealth Avenue Mall Committee, a joint committee of NABB and the Friends of the Public Garden, works in partnership with the Boston Parks and Recreation Department to maintain, preserve, and protect this historic park.

This committee was formed in the mid-1960’s when Dutch elm disease (DED) decimated the elms on the Mall. The focus of the committee has continued to be on the trees of the Mall, including DED injections, and pruning and fertilization programs that have kept alive the last great urban stand of American elms in the region. In addition the committee has done all of the tree planting and maintenance on the Mall for the last 30 years, funded by grants, individual donations, and fundraising events. A group of volunteers waters new trees every year and monitors the park for graffiti. Other areas of interest are the statues along the Mall, the ornamental fencing, the paved walkway, lighting, monitoring the use of the Mall by events such as the Boston Marathon, and advocating for policies to protect and enhance the Mall.

Over the years the Committee has raised money to replace all 57 benches on the Mall and has developed a memorial tree program whereby a citizen can sponsor a new tree for a $5,000 tax-deductible contribution.