City Services

Photos courtesy of Jo-Ann Leinwand


The mission of the City Services committee is to ensure that the quality of life in the Back Bay is maintained and even enhanced. To accomplish this, the City Services team deals with innumerable urban concerns ranging from neighborhood cleanliness to street and alley conditions.


  • Regularly monitor blocks for trash violations and other issues affecting the neighborhood
  • Annual Good Neighbor Week Brochure
    • Information on residential trash regulations
    • Useful list of important city of Boston phone numbers
  • Annual Back Bay City Services Survey
    • Identifies specific problems i.e. city lights, potholes, etc.
  • Back Bay Alley Address Project
    • Ensures that the rear of buildings have a clearly identifiable address
  • Clean to the Curb
    • Combined effort with Newbury Street League, Back Bay Association, City Councilor Michael Ross, and City of Boston with the common goal to improve the appearance of Newbury Street and adjoining alleys between Boylston Street and Commonwealth Avenue
  • Rodent Information Brochure
    • Informs residents of how to keep rodents away and what to do if rodents

Download City Services Brochures containing important city services phone numbers, residential trash regulations, and information regarding recycling, rodent control and dog walking requirements.