City & State Agencies

  • City of Boston
    The main web site for Boston city government.
  • Mayor’s 24- hour Hotline
    (617) 635-4500 or 311
    To report potholes, snow removal problems, street light repairs, utility problems, building code violations, tenant information.
  • Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services
    (617) 635-3485
    Can answer your questions about Boston city government and help with problems.
  • Boston Police Department
    Emergencies: 911
    Emergencies (from a cellphone): (617) 343-4911
    Non-emergencies: (617) 343-4200 for non-emergencies.
    Area D station: (617) 343-4457
    Stolen vehicles (to see if recovered): (617) 343-4535
    Towed Vehicles (to find location of a towed vehicle): (617) 343-4629
  • Boston Fire Department
    Emergencies: 911
    Non-emergencies: (617) 343-2880
  • Back Bay Architectural Commission
  • Boston Department of Public Works
    Street and sidewalk repairs, street cleaning, streetlights, snow removal, graffiti removal, trash collection and recycling
    Graffiti removal:  (617) 635-4500
    Recycling bin (order for 1-6 units):  (617) 635-4959
    Rodent control:  (617) 635-5352
  • Boston Environment Department
    The parent body of Boston’s historic districts, including the Back Bay Architectural District, the South End Landmark District, and the Historic Beacon Hill District. This department also takes care of air pollution and noise.
  • Boston Inspectional Services Department
    Issues building permits. Zoning change requests or new uses need to go first to ISD before proceeding to the Zoning Board of Appeal and (if necessary) the Back Bay Architectural Commission.
    Enforces building, housing health, sanitation and safety regulations.
    Code enforcement (trash violations): (617) 635-4896
  • Boston Licensing Board
    Issues restaurant (Common Victualler) licenses and liquor licenses.
  • Boston Parks Department Constituent Services
    (617) 635-7275
    Commonwealth Avenue Mall issues, street trees.
  • Boston Transportation Department
    Regulates traffic and parking. Issues parking tickets and Back Bay resident stickers. Does some planning and engineering as well.
    Resident parking permits:  (617) 635-4682
    Parking enforcement:  (617) 635-3125
  • Voting