Beacon Street Design Now Being Implemented

In December 2017 the City of Boston began making changes to Beacon Street to improve safety for people walking, biking and driving.  The City hopes to complete the striping changes the second week of December (beginning between Arlington and Berkeley Streets and then proceeding block-by-block west down Beacon Street).  Changes on Dartmouth Street approaching Beacon Street will likely need to wait until the spring, while signal changes and signs will take place through the winter months as the updated equipment becomes available.  The redesign’s Key Safety Components are:

  • FEWER TRAVEL LANES – design encourages people to drive slower.
  • UPDATED WALK SIGNAL TIMING – helps people know when to expect the WALK signal and provides a headstart to people walking across intersections.
  • SIGNALS TIMED FOR 25 MPH – people who drive at the speed limit will encounter green along the corridor.
  • NO TURN ON RED – reduces potential for conflicts at intersections.
  • DAYLIGHTING – helps people see each other at intersections by prohibiting parking at specific corners.
  • PARKING-PROTECTED BIKE LANE – beginning after Berkeley Street, provides dedicated space for people biking, and helps organize the road.
  • NEW “NO TRUCKS” MARKINGS AND SIGNAGE – reminds people that they cannot drive trucks on Storrow Drive.

You can click here to view and download the Outreach Flyer that the City is handing out as the work progresses.  It also contains General Reminders for people who drive, bike or walk on Boston’s streets.